A cross-platform license plate recognition module for videostreams and single images
MARINA is a reliable library for high precision license plates recognition. Our product is appropriate for parking/access/speed control and systems for detection of traffic laws violation.

MARINA is capable of recognition of Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, French, Swedish, Finnish, Italian license plates. The list of supported plate types is being regulary increased, other regions or special types are available on request.
High-precision recognition quality
MARINA is capable of plates recognition with quality greater than 99.3% in a wide range of conditions: under any lighting, recognition of dirt covered plates or with extreme angles of observation. It supports videostreams obtained from static and mobile cameras. We put a significant attention on the quality of MARINA's recognition engine and keep improving it.
High performance
MARINA's recognition engine is based on computationally efficient algorithms for image processing, cascade recognition schemes and involves our technology for training light-weight convolutional neural networks. Hence, MARINA can be used on low-end computers as odroid xu4 or raspberry pi 3.
Integration simplicity
MARINA supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Linux, iOS, Android operating systems and x86, x64, ARM and Elbrus architectures. It can be easily embedded into solution using simple C or C++ interface. Furthermore, MARINA does not require individual parameters setup for various cameras, observation angles or lighting conditions.
Highly-reliable algorithms
MARINA as with other Visillect products is implemented using cutting-edge image processing and neural network training technologies. During our products enhancement progress all the algorithms are being regulary tested on accuracy, speed and fail-safety.
Algorithmic optimization
Our products are based on a unique technology for training fast cascade light-weight convolutional neural networks using integer operations only. In conjunction with fast image processing algorithms, numerical optimization, vector operations and SIMD parallelism this provides high performance features on various platforms.
Usage of cutting-edge scientific achievements
Our team collaborates with Vision Systems Lab of the Institute for Information Transmission Problems, carrying out state-of-the-art researches in image processing and pattern recognition fields. In our products we use cutting-edge technologies and many of them are developed by the Lab. Considering many years of industrial recognition systems development we surely know technologies that a reliable not only in laboratory but also in real outdoor conditions.
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