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Visillect provides a wide range of services in vision systems and industrial automation R&D: software and computer appliances development and maintenance, consulting, research and precon analysis, existing systems surveying.

Our areas of expertise:
  • Machine vision algorithms
  • Recognition systems
  • Video-analytics
  • Stereo vision and 3D reconstruction
  • Color vision and multispectral images analysis
  • Visual navigation, odometry and memory
  • Adaptive systems and self-calibration
  • Augmented reality
  • X-ray imaging (including tomography)
  • Using vision system properties in human-machine interfaces

We are focused on:

  • Industry targeted applications: high stability, full automation, minimum maintenance needs
  • Operation conditions: outdoor systems robustness under all weather and lighting conditions
  • Scalability: using mass-market cameras (not only for visible spectrum) and computers
  • Meeting hardware requirements

We offer new ways of improving your business effectiveness via vision information processing automation.
Visillect is a company which specializes in industrial recognition systems development using state of the art machine vision technologies. It was created in 2010 as a spin-off of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Information Transmission Problems and works in close partnership with its Vision Systems Laboratory, involving researchers for current projects. Today the company includes more than 30 scientists and engineers.

High productivity of our solutions is provided by:
  • Computationally effective algorithms
  • Fast image processing via reduced pixel depth
  • SIMD parallelism
  • Fast integral and morphology transforms
  • Cascade recognition schemes
  • Light-weight convolutional neural networks
Andrey S. Bolshakov
Chief Executive Officer
6 years project development experience in education and robotics areas. Andrey worked as a project manager in digital medicine, developed and deployed 3D-vision diagnostic and training system "3D-BIS". "Science and tech success" medal winner. More than 30 scientific publications.
Dmitry P. Nikolaev
Chief Scientific Officer
Ph. D., head of IITP RAS Vision Systems Lab, assistant prof. Internship in SAIT (South Korea). Leading russian scientist in image processing, machine vision and object recognition. Lectures "Image processing" courses in MIPT, Skoltech and HSE. More than 180 scientific publications. The architect of the cross-platform fast image processing and neural network recognition "MIN*" software library.
Anton S. Grigoryev
Chief Technology Officer
10+ years experience doing and managing data-oriented software development. Head of the Autonomous machine vision systems research group within IITP RAS Vision Systems Lab. Teaches a course on Industrial Recognition Systems at MIPT, bringing solid engineering principles to scientific community.
February 20, 2017
February 20, 2017
AVC-2.0 released
Automatic Vehicle Classifier for toll roads version 2.0 released. It contains new logic of interaction with the lane controller software which allows to use AVC capabilities in a more flexible way.
December, 19, 2016
December, 19, 2016
MARINA gets the MosGorTech competition prize
Multiview high precision automatic number plate recognition system MARINA is awarded with the MosGorTech competition prize in the special nomination "Population mobility and transport infrastructure" presented by the competition partner "Russian Technical Society"
November, 18, 2016
November, 18, 2016
MARINA participates in the MosGorTech competition
Our number plate recognition system enters the Moscow Competition in city infrastructure technologies "MosGorTech"
November, 2, 2016
November, 2, 2016
New countries supported by MARINA
Automatic number plate recognition module MARINA now supports Mexican number plates in addition to Russian, EU and Chinese ones
February, 8, 2016
February, 8, 2016
Moscow government prize for the AVC
Our employees are awarded the 2015 Moscow Government Science Prize for development and deployment of the automatic vehicle classifier
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