LiNE: Visual Navigation

Software technology for determining the position and motion parameters of mobile vehicles and moving robotic parts

  • Does not require any additional infrastructure (beacons, markings, etc.)
  • Does not require GPS/GLONASS
  • Robust to changing in observation conditions—our unique technology matches linear features, not only points
  • Compatible with wide variety of video cameras, without requiring expensive parts
  • Makes effective use of additional sensors to increase precision and robustness, i.e. odometry, inertial sensors, satellite receivers
  • Developed for use in motion control system
Application Areas
  • Best for creating specialized vehicles for industrial automation, people and cargo transportation within and between enterprise facilities
    • ~0.2 m lateral, ~0.5 m longitudinal precision at speeds up to 25 km/h; high-speed and high-precision configurations also available
  • Precise localization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for takeoff and landing
  • Aerial vehicle navigation support in GNSS-denied environments
    • Positioning using satellite or only schematic maps
How it Works
  • Initially, a map is prepared using either an aerial photo or schematic plan of the land.
  • On each video frame, a computer vision system computes characteristic image features robust to observation conditions using our proprietary algorithms, which are battle-tested in our outdoor recognition systems like the AVC.
  • Current and previous observations are matched to the map considering the vehicle motion dynamics using a particle filter-based approach, which is state of the art in the science of vehicle localization (see the video).

Using only a schematic road plan and a small set of detected features, a particle filter allows to quickly determine the true vehicle position without having any idea where it starts from.

We will configure the required video cameras and other hardware based on your desired price point and other specifics of your business case.
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